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take the challenge

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To review and connect with other readers.
This humble community is for those who would like to try and challenge themselves to read a hundred or more books a year (as crazy as that may seem to many of you).

Membership is open to anyone and you can count whatever you'd like towards your hundred or more reading goal from things you're reading for school to graphic novels, comics, magazines... whatever!

We also read a book we vote on each month as a group and then discuss it.

You must be a member to view and post in those entries.

The purpose of this group is to share the books you enjoy, discuss the things we've read as a community, receive comments about novels you may be planning to borrow or buy in the future, and to suggest authors and series you think people should check out.

If this sounds like something you might like, please consider joining!

Start by introducing yourself at the Welcome Mat Entry and make sure to read the rules listed below.

Rules and Guidelines.

1. If you're going to post spoilers give fair warning at the begining of your entry (or do a LJ-cut) so as not to ruin the ending of a good book for everyone else.

2. If you're going to post a long entry (lets say... more then a paragraph) use a LJ-cut! If you don't know what that is check out LJ's FAQ's (it will expain everything you need to know and is located at the bottom of the page).

3. Please don’t make your own introductory posts. Say hello in the Welcome Mat Entry we have provided so we can all meet you!

If that isn't your thing though feel free to just include your age, profession, or whatever else you'd lik like share with us in one of your first few book related posts.

4. Created a new entry everytime you want to tell us about another book, or group of books, you've read instead of commenting on an earlier post. This way it's easier for people to read about what your up to from their Friends Page and the community. Otherwise your reviews will get lost.

5. PLEASE try to use tags in your entries of the genre of the book(s) included in you entry as well as your username so it's easier for people to look through stuff they're interested in.

6. Please don't use a whole post just to plug other LJ groups or a site, this community isn't here for that and I will delete your entry as so as it is brought to my attention. If you'd like me to recommend you please email me at my hotmail account or message me on LJ so I can look at things and see if it looks like something that might interest people in the group.

7. The smallest post you can make in this community is this a list of at least 5 current reads.

Please don't make this all you contribute to the community or I will make comments to your entries pointing this out since the point of this community isn't just a place to list things your reading, but to give and receive feedback.

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to e-mail sdblaine at:sdblaine@hotmail.com

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